OGA Dinners

 1902No information available.   
 1904No information available.   
 1905No information available.   
 1909Apparently no Dinner held.   
26-Nov-1910Supper at the School.   
 1912Recorded as held – no details.   
15-Nov-1913  33  
12-Apr-1914 Crichton, Battersea. 40  
10-Dec-1921 Old Bell Restaurant, Holborn. 70+  
16-Dec-1922Old Bell Restaurant, Holborn. 60+ H.R.Ellis 
01-Dec-1923Carr’s Restaurant, Strand. 50+ H.R.Ellis 
29-Nov-1924Carr’s Restaurant, Strand.  H.R.Ellis 
12-Dec-1925Mitre, Chancery Lane. 68  
04-Dec-1926Crichton, Battersea. 70+  
10-Dec-1927Florence, Rupert Street.   
08-Dec-1928Florence, Rupert Street. 75  
14-Dec–1929Florence, Rupert Street. 49  
13-Dec-1930Florence, Rupert Street.   
07-Nov-1931Florence, Rupert Street. 37  
10-Dec-1932Ardington Rooms, Battersea.   
09-Dec-1933White Hart, Holborn. 25  
08-Dec-1934Florence, Rupert Street. 79  
14-Dec-1935First Avenue, Holborn. 155  
12-Dec-1936Bridge House Hotel, London Bridge.  143 H.R.Ellis 
11-Dec-1937 Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  108 H.R.Ellis 
10-Dec-1938 Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria. 97 H.R.Ellis 
16-Feb-1945Zeeta Restaurant, Putney. 94  
14-Dec-1946Tudor Room, Zeeta House, Putney. 113 W.J.Langford 
13-Dec-1947Tudor Room, Zeeta House, Putney. 84 W.J.Langford 
18-Dec-1948Tudor Room, Zeeta House, Putney. 79 W.J.Langford 
22-Oct-1949Ardington Rooms, Battersea. 107 W.J.Langford 
09-Dec-1950Tavistock Restaurant, Charing Cross Road. 123 W.J.Langford 
08-Dec-1951Tavistock Restaurant, Charing Cross Road. 124 W.J.Langford 
06-Dec-1952Tavistock Restaurant, Charing Cross Road. 146 W.J.Langford 
12-Dec-1953Tavistock Restaurant, Charing Cross Road. 116 W.J.Langford 
11-Dec-1954Horse Shoe Hotel, Tottenham Court Road.  122 W.J.Langford 
10-Dec-1955Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  115 W.J.Langford 
08-Dec-1956Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  115 W.J.Langford 
14-Dec-1957Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  112 W.J.Langford 
13-Dec-1958Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  162 W.J.Langford 
12-Dec-1959Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  126 W.J.Langford 
10-Dec-1960Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  129 W.J.Langford 
09-Dec-1961Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  160 W.J.Langford 
08-Dec-1962Windsor Castle Restaurant, Victoria.  119 W.J.Langford 
14-Dec-1963Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster. 99 W.J.Langford 
12-Dec-1964Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster.  119 W.J.Langford 
11-Dec-1965Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster.  109 J.P.Cowan 
10-Dec-196Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster. 115 J.P.Cowan 
09-Dec-1966Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster.  107 J.P.Cowan 
14-Dec-1967Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster.  102 J.P.Cowan 
13-Dec-1968Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster.  91 J.P.Cowan 
12-Dec-1970Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster.  J.P.Cowan 
11-Dec-1971Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster. 89 J.P.Cowan 
09-Dec-1972Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster. 37 J.P.Cowan 
01-Dec-1973Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster. 82 J.A.Phillips 
14-Dec-1974Paviour’s Arms, Page St., Westminster. 60 J.A.Phillips 
13-Dec-1975Leigham Court Hotel, Streatham, SW16. 79 J.A.Phillips 
11-Dec-1976Thrale Hall Hotel, Mitcham Lane, SW16. 57 J.A.Phillips 
10-Dec-1977Thrale Hall Hotel, Mitcham Lane, SW16. 43 J.A.Phillips 
08-Nov-1985The Brewery, Chiswell Street, EC1. 76 M.J.Francis 
27-Mar-1987House of Commons. 159 J.D.Hancock 
25-Nov-1988The Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall.  113 Sir F.Lawton 
09-Apr-199House of Commons. 139 G.F.Bowden MP 
18-Sep-199B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16. 149 J.S.King 
31-Oct-199B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16. 176 J.A.L.Speller 
14-Apr-2000B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16. 124 R. I. Watson 
1-Nov–2002B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16. 176 W.H.Hart 
15-Oct-200 4B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16. 130 D.G.S.Garrard 
13-April-2007B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16 138 M. Poffley 
17-April-2009B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16 108 Joint MCs – W. Hart & J.Speller 
21 October-2011B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16 96 MCs -M.F. Poffley & P.J. Davis 
5 April-2013B.G.S., Abbotswood Road, SW16  
12 May-2017 Punch Tavern, Fleet Street 28 M.F.Poffley & Executive Committee